A Basic Wedding Guide for Couples

feature-3Couples who are planning to “tie the knot” should atleast provide 6 mos to a year to secure that all the needed preparations are met. Though there are some who are rushing things up that can do in a month, the longer should atleast be better. Price cautious couples should also ensure that all the expenses would fall within the budget. Read More→

Some Well Known Elegant Wedding

feature-2Celebrities, Royale Couples, and those who belong to the high society have been well known to have celebrated an elegant and expensive vows of their wedding. Some are called wedding of the century, year, millenium and the likes. Let us take a look at those that are listed. Read More→

The Importance of Having a Wedding Coordinator

feature-1A wedding coordinator is someone that provides personal services and assistance to the couple in order to ensure that all the once in a lifetime event of their vows will be a smooth and memorable one by providing the best possible wedding event for the Bride and Groom to be. Read More→