14. How can I be the best bridesmaid I can be?

  1. No complaining . . . to the bride
    She doesn't want to hear that the dress makes you look fat, your plane ticket was soooo expensive or that you're dreading making a toast. Write to us if you need a place to vent -- we're more sympathetic to your plight anyway.

  2. Be timely
    Provide whatever information the bride requests immediately. If she needs your measurements, your middle initial or your meal preference respond ASAP to help her keep on schedule.

    Don't wait to the last minute to make travel plans. You don't want to end up stressing the bride, or yourself, out if flights/hotels are full or really expensive.

    Arrive at events on time. It makes a bad impression to be late when you're part of the wedding party.

  3. Pay up
    If the bride asks you to reimburse her for the dress, do so promptly. It's awkward enough to ask your friends for money, even more awkward if she has to send someone out to break your kneecaps. While it may hurt to write a big check for a dress you hate, it just has to be done.

  4. Pay attention
    Talk to the bride throughout the engagement and wedding planning process. Feign interest if you have to, but let her know you care. See our Big Day Reminders for more ways to shine on the big day.

  5. Keep it to yourself
    If you're single, having a case of "ring fever" and an uncooperative significant other or just had a bad break-up, it can seem like torture to participate in yet another wedding that isn't your own. While it's totally normal to feel this way, you have to put your feelings aside, act happy for the bride and maintain a positive attitude (at least on the outside). It's hard at times, but we have no doubt that one day you'll have a starring role in your own wedding someday. And then all your bridesmaids will hate you too. Just kidding.

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