2. Ok, I bit the bullet and I'm going to be a bridesmaid. What am I expected to do?

A bridesmaid has many functions, but first and foremost you are there to make the bride happy and give her support throughout the engagement, the wedding planning, and the wedding itself. Many a bride becomes a teensy-weensy bit self-absorbed once the ring slides onto her finger. Brides tend to forget that while they're 100% immersed in planning a wedding, the rest of the world is not. Try to be enthusiastic and inquisitive and understand. Remember that this is an exciting time in her life and that cards and email are simple, great ways to show you care without having to engage in a 45 minute conversation about seating charts or mini-quiches.

Typically, your responsibilities as a bridesmaid will include:

  1. Helping the maid-of-honor plan and throw the bridal shower. (great shower and bachlorette party ideas)
  2. Attending all wedding-related events such as engagement parties, showers, luncheons, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, next-day brunch, and, oh yeah...the wedding.
  3. Buying engagement, shower, and wedding gifts. (gift ideas)
  4. Buying a bridesmaid dress and matching shoes (at your own expense).
  5. Arranging travel plans to and from all events, including car rental, hotel reservations, and taxis (at your own expense).
  6. Attending a bridesmaid lunch the day before the wedding.
  7. Attending the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.
  8. Arriving at the wedding site early.
  9. Attending and participating in the wedding. (See question #7 for more details about your duties on the big day.)
  10. Doing items 1 - 9 without any complaining and with a big ol' smile on your face at all times! Click here for some special big day reminders that will make you the shining star of the bridal party!

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