7. What am I supposed to do on the day of the wedding?

  1. Help the bride run any last minute errands.
  2. Arrive at the wedding site early and dress with the bride and the other bridesmaids.
  3. Help the bride get dressed. (You try getting into seven layers of crinolines by yourself!)
  4. Be ready to take pictures both before and after the wedding.
  5. Follow the wedding coordinator's instructions and walk down the aisle at the right time and stand in the right place. And be sure to smile-everyone is looking at you and will notice if you have a scowl on your face.
  6. Go to the reception with the rest of the bridal party and stand in the receiving line if asked to do so.
  7. At the reception you may be required to dance with an assigned partner after the bride and groom have had their first dance.
  8. You may also be asked to sit at a head table with the rest of the wedding party.
  9. Participate! Eat, drink, dance, and HAVE FUN! But be sure to attend to the bride. She'll probably be so busy talking to her guests that she won't have time to get her own food and drinks. Help her with her bustle and to take off her veil if she wants to. Hang out with her and treat her like the center of attention (well, she is the center of attention). Be sure she is never left alone looking like a freak in that big white dress.
  10. Stay to the end and see the happy couple off. Blow bubbles, throw rice, birdseed, what have you. Go home and relax-your work is (almost) done.


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